By: Tamerra Washington #486364

For 10 years I’ve been incarcerated for crimes I did not commit. Over the past 3 years I witnessed many men exonerated. Congrats to every one of them. When will Michigan exonerate a woman? The systematic injustices reach the women as well as the men. The things that stood out about wrongful conviction day to me were; someone had been murdered, but the exonerated was not the killer. Forensics proved innocence. There was a rape, however, DNA proved he was not the rapist. Someone was shot, ballistics proved the bullet wasn’t from his gun. I have never seen anyone relieved of a subterfuge conviction.

Where is the relief when there is no DNA, no forensics, no prints, and no crime? What happens when the investigative process fails you? What do you do when there is a miscarriage of justice in the judicial process? I have been convicted of armed robbery and assault and sentenced 32-50 years. Why was there no DNA, no prints, or anything to prove a crime was committed? How was I convicted on prosecution’s theory I aided and abetted him whose case had already been dismissed because he was in jail on unrelated charges at the time of alleged offense? How have I exhausted the appeals process in these 10 years, yet the courts still refuses me my complete discovery…. half the file misplaced?

How long do I live this heave of a miscarriage of justice?

Tamerra Washington #486364


3201 Bemis Road

Ypsilanti, MI 48197

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