I ask what does this mean to you? What are you willing to give your life for?

As we grow older our thoughts on what matters changes. We begin to evolve mentally and our perspective on life changes. We realize what truly matters and what doesn’t. We begin to internalize knowledge that shifts our perception of life. Our experiences and battles with the countless emotions of good and bad begin to shape us. We see life with a new purpose.

You see tragic events such as the death of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Trayvon Martin, the Stoney Brooke killing of little children and the countless mass shootings around this country changes the way we look at life.

Once you have children life begins to change. It’s no longer about you but about them. Your children become your reason to die and yet your reason to live.

Many people have lost their ability to attach themselves to a purpose greater then themselves. Those that retain that ability attach themselves to something greater. They begin fight with a purpose that allows them to change countless lives.

Growing up in environments in which you see people you know die every day for reasons so petty. You begin to question the value of your life? We can’t continue to allow our youth to kill each other over a “hood” or for a name. If we don’t put value on our lives, why should anyone else? When we continue to see the killing of unarmed black men and women by cops we quickly mount up and begin to protest and ask for justice. But what about senseless killings happening in our communities every day? Should we not mount up and protest for justice and change? For these shootings to stop?

What am I willing to die for? I’m willing to die for those children who will inherent this world after me! I’m willing to die for change in my community! I’m willing to die for those ancestors who gave their lives so that I could fight for freedom, justice and equality for all.

Our lives matter but we must reach out to the youth who don’t understand the value of their lives. If we’re going to die let it be in the advancement of our culture and our children’s future. Not in the name of hood or name. Give your children a reason to live so that they may give their lives for something greater. It’s possible to see change but are you willing to give your life for it?

#thoughts beyond the wall

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