Punishment or Rehabilitation?

Q: Why should good time be implemented in the Michigan prison system?

Okay, good time credits where an essential tool used at one time as an incentive for those to govern themselves concerning their behavior and/or program participation. Good time was/is a good thing that Michigan should bring back into the system as fundamental fairness to those eligible.

The Michigan prison system seems to be more about Punishment than about Rehabilitation these days. It’s clearly seen by us within this system that Warehousing of human beings for profit is more important than what this prison system use to represent. Most of the tools used to and for Rehabilitation have been removed so, I say yes to good time being re-established back into Michigan prisons, because which one takes priority, Punishment or Rehabilitation?

Roderick X.

PS: This topic goes back many decades concerning the root cause of Good Time discipline credits being taken out the Michigan prison system.

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