By: Demetrius Brasher #234214

(Swahili for hello my beautiful people)

Whenever the topic of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder is introduced, we’ve been trained to only think about war veterans. But, what about those people who have been sexually assaulted? What about those who were victims of some of the most heinous crimes, or acts of violence? What about those who have survived unbelievable accidents? What about civil servants, security guards, or good police officers who have been forced to kill someone without malice and intent? Should they be considered also?

{ Posttraumatic Stress Disorder is defined as; A psychological disorder of individuals who have experienced profound trauma, such as torture, marked by recurrent flashbacks, nightmares, eating disorders, anxiety, fatigue, forgetfulness, and withdrawal. }

We’re living in a time where the killing of unarmed black men\women by police officers is happening far too often. Every time a killing occurs, the response from Black people is the same. Why? Because, we suffer from P.T.S.D. from more than four hundred years of oppression. To comprehend this, you must understand that trauma, as well as characteristics, mannerisms, talent, disease, etc., are passed through DNA. You must also understand the history of unprovoked violence, and the killing of unarmed Black people by white men, and police officers. Therefore, Black people are born with it.

I’ve noticed that a lot of White people become irritated, upset, and sometimes angry when they hear BLACK LIVES MATTER! Unfortunately, there is a large percentage of those who are racist and could care less. There are those who have great relationships with law enforcement (be it family or friend), and refuse to embrace the idea that most of these killings aren’t justified. Then there are those who say; Blacks kill other Blacks 90% of the time. Why don’t you’ll protest about that? Well the truth is, that’s the case amongst all racial lines. Whites kill Whites more than anyone else. Latinos kill Latinos more than anyone else.

We do protest against Black on Black violence! That’s not the kind of news mainstream media wants to report. They’re all about ratings, and keeping the country divided. There are organizations in every impoverished city doing the best that they can to stop the violence without any help from the government. Foul on the play! Please stop deflecting!

The question that needs to be answered is, why are law enforcement interactions with Blacks deadlier than any other race? Historically, policing derived from slave catching. This institution wasn’t designed to protect and serve Black people, because that was only relegated to the citizens of this country, and their businesses.

When White mobs of men went on killing sprees in Black communities, police officers were right there with them. Some Ku Klux Klan members even traded in their sheets to become boys in blue in order to hide their intent, because no one would believe a police officer would use their badge to do the unthinkable.

Black neighborhoods were compared to haunted houses on Halloween, or war ridden countries in the Middle East to their children, and encouraged them to stay out of them. Some of these same children grew up, and join the military where they become trained killers. When they return home from war, they become police officers, and are assigned to the same neighborhoods they were told to stay out of. They can’t erase what has been embedded in their minds for years by their parents, the military, and the police academy. So every time a call comes in where the person or suspect is identified as Black, they consider them in the same light as an escaped convict… ARMED AND DANGEROUS!

I hope I was able to shed some light on this issue, so people can see what’s at the root of this problem. I hate when I hear people say that 99% of the police are good cops, because that is not true. Every department knows exactly who their bad apples are. But, instead of holding them accountable when they use their badge to commit egregious crimes against people, regardless of who they are, they go straight into operation cover up. Silence is tantamount to complicity. When you conspire, you are just as guilty. The lying must stop!

In my opinion, there needs to be a complete overhaul of all government agencies, because we see this behavior being demonstrated from the white house down. If the plan on putting America first is genuine, it must include all of its citizens. Justice and equality must be administered to everyone. If we can’t learn to see one another as we see ourselves, we will never have empathy for one another. Therefore, we will always be in this condition, and the saga will continue.

Sincerely Written by: Demetrius Brasher #234214
Muhammad The God!

Mpaka Halafu! {Swahili for until next time}

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