Food for Thought – MDOC Visits & Chauvin Trial

“Food For Thought”

“I Thought Natural Life Would Kill My Soul it did the Opposite!”

Current MDOC Visiting

My thoughts on MDOC visiting: it has been a very long year since we have had the opportunity to have a contact visit, and me having a sentence where visiting is necessary I am thankful. But there are major problems with Gtl. How is it that this billion dollar private corporation that sucks the blood of the poor and rejected?

Gtl can’t even put in proper equipment or installations in the prisons. I thought I would have my first video visit this past Sunday, May, 2nd 2021, and it was just a white screen that popped up for 20 minutes. I was very disappointed, but what made me even more disappointed is that it had to take millions of people to get sick (Covid-19) and die before this enemy called the institutional system allowed video visits in MDOC. So just as of today it is 3 video visits and 3 contact visits which is a relief. I asked an officer: have you ever been away from your family members, or have you ever been put in a hostage situation where someone is controlling who you see and you don’t know when you would ever be able to see your family again? He couldn’t answer me and walked away… But my thoughts are thankful and peace. I had my first contact in a year and I was ecstatic. Seeing my Beautiful Mother, embracing her was beyond overdue. So no matter if it’s a two hour visit looking though Plexiglas, I am thankful for it to be back. But I’ve had a bad experience with it so far. So until I am able to finally get a good 20 minute video of quality, then my thoughts might change. But it still does change on the blood suckers who charge us $3.20 a visit for 20 minutes, plus $3.16 for phone calls, and feed off the poor.

“More Than Nine”

We all just saw an ex-Police Officer by the Name of Derek Chauvin get convicted of all counts of murder on video. We saw this man with no heart put his knee on the neck of George Floyd for approximately nine minutes. This Amerikkka criminal so-called justice system will find a way for Chauvin to be released, they always do.

Just watching the defense efforts to paint our brother as a criminal and drug dealer and push a narrative not rooted in reality. If the roles was reversed they would have painted Floyd as a murderer. If his knee was on his neck and Floyd Killed him he would have never been given the opportunity to come home.

There was widespread national and global protests everywhere, and if this trial had not ended in a guilty verdict it would have changed Amerikkka forever. But what’s one or two when these un-alikes have been slaughtering the Aboriginal since 1555 and there was never justice. So many lives lost due to White Supremacy. We all know the police roots go back to slave catcher, so this is the mindset Derek had when he encountered Floyd. The Master Slave Mentality, and “I can do what I want and get away with it”. Now the trial Tobin gave us a testimony put the nail in coffin. So in the end this caste system is still in motion and if we don’t change the way we think and if we do not separate and get some of this land of our own we will continue to get shot down. Knees on neck, locked up in jail, sterilizing the Black man, life and mind. This trial was very shocking. I really thought no matter what he still got off. Floyd is dead – there is no justice for that in my eyes. Over a piece of paper of with a dead white man on it.

Trials in Amerikkka have never been for our people. In Amerikkka either side has a police union that will get him out in less than ten. Just like Amber Guyger who walked in the house and killed a man in his own house. So my thoughts are that this still wasn’t justice. There can never be justice when it comes to the caste system.

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