What [i]s JUSTICE? (And How Does It Look?)

By: Duval Newsome El #149982

Many of us look at the results of the Derek Chauvin trial and say: “Finally, Justice is given in a police killing of an unarmed Black man!” This being the case, why then do we still feel the dread of this happening again? Something is missing! If this was true JUSTICE, this dreadful feeling would be nonexistent. What then is JUSTICE, and how does it look?

There are two types of Justice (No! Not “Just-Us” and “Justice”). The One is “Divine JUSTICE” and the other is “Man-made, Conventional Justice.” (The latter, supposedly having its roots in the former.)

The Man-made, Conventional Justice delivered in the Derek Chauvin trial for murdering Mr. George Floyd, was Just. Why? Because it fit the crime. However, we cannot overlook the fact that when it comes to this Man-made, Conventional Justice being applied to “Minorities” in America … although “The Lady” is “Blindfolded” and holding “Balanced Scales” and “The Book”; there is no “Balanced Application” as “The Lady” seemed to be peaking when “Minorities” stand before her. Why? Because this Man-made, Conventional Justice System is riddled with flaws; ALL stemming from systemic racism!

The PEACE of any society, depends upon JUSTICE, Divine JUSTICE! The Divine Principle of JUSTICE is flawless! It is a self-applied Principle. Meaning: The people comprising a society, must be Just, Righteous, Fair Dealing and Good, to bring about PEACE. When people make the Divine Principle of JUSTICE their very own, there will never be a need to carry signs stating: “NO JUSTICE, NO PEACE!” (Somehow hoping to obtain JUSTICE from those responsible for the Injustice.) People make up the system & society; changing the hearts and minds therein, will produce a JUST(ice) System for all!

With nothing but time on my hand, I followed the Derek Chauvin trial very closely, from start to finish. There are two points of contention I wish to express here, as they relate to the Un-Just treatment I experienced 44-years ago (which continues) under this Man-made, Conventional Justice System.

1.) The testimony given that confirmed Derek Chauvin Un-Justly had his knee on Mr. Floyd’s neck for 9 minutes 29 seconds! As a direct result of a major flaw in this Man-made system of Justice, I have served 44-years of my life for First-Degree Felony Murder; a murder of which I was not present at during its commission.

44-years = 16,060-days; 16,060-days = 385,440-hours; 385,440-hours = 23,126,400-minutes; 23,126,400-minutes = 1,387,584,000-seconds!!! That’s how long the “Knee of Injustice” has been on my neck behind prison walls! If you divide 1,387,584, 000-seconds by 569-seconds (9:29), you’ll come up with 2,438,636! This would be how many times I would’ve suffered the Un-Just treatment Derek Chauvin administered to George Floyd that caused his death.

2.) There was also testimony at the Chauvin trial by a Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) fighter confirming that MMA fighters “Tap Out” from a strangulation choke hold within 3-5 seconds. Dividing 1,387,584,000-seconds by 5-seconds, you get: 277,516,800. Which means over my 44-years of Un-Just confinement, under the “Knee of Injustice”, I would have “Tapped Out” 277,516,800 times!!!

I ask you … Is this JUSTICE for a 19-year old, who was not even present at the scene of the murder of which he was convicted? HOW MANY TIMES WOULD I HAVE UTTERED: “I CAN’T BREATHE!!!”

Duval Newsome El #149982
Thumb Correctional Facility
3225 John Conley Drive
Lapeer, Michigan 48446-2987

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