George Floyd – Sincere Change Must Be Made!

Greetings to everybody,

Q. We want to know if you think Justice was given to George Floyd?

No! Because Mr. Floyd should still be alive and officer Chauvin should’ve been arrested on the spot by his peers when he was asked, then told, to get off Floyd’s neck. Especially once Floyd stated he couldn’t breathe, I felt Chauvin showed he had no regard for George Floyd’s life once he was calling out for his Mom! Now, as far as the trial was and went, I can say George Floyd’s family may have gotten some Justice, because officer Chauvin was tried by 12 jurors of his peers and found guilty on all charges he was charged with. The people who witnessed Chauvin’s actions and the video for the world to see was self-explanatory within itself concerning the evidence against him. Long live George Floyd in Spirit, because he was one of many whom has died at the hands of predominately Caucasian/White Male officers!!!

Roderick X.

PS: We should know that the ugliness of this country shouldn’t continue to go unnoticed. Sincere change must be made with Integrity, Honesty, and True Justice for All… Peace!

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