Who’s the Real Criminal?

As a juvenile lifer I have realized that the MDOC has nothing to offer but a kitchen job, cleaning bathrooms, or cutting grass.

Inmates with long indeterminate sentences or Life sentences don’t stand a chance trying to rehabilitate themselves because the MDOC only allow individuals that are close to going home to enter these trades.

Inmates have now found corresponding courses and self-help programs to better themselves since the MDOC has eliminated trades out of most facilities.

These courses have helped us tremendously. Giving us hope on going home instead of sitting in here waiting on the MDOC to offer us some self-help class run by an inmate, and not saying I would not take it, but how many times does a person want to take the same class over and over?

Recently the MDOC had denied any and all correspondence courses. If the college or university is not offering college credits then we are not allowed to take the course. This policy just took in effect in March.

Me personally, I have taken two courses from Stratford Career Institution. The courses ranged from $500.00-$800.00. Not bad for a guy in prison when you can set up a payment plan or have family members help to pay for the course as well.

Now, by the MDOC forcing inmates to pay thousands of dollars for degrees doesn’t even sound logical when we can barely pay our restitution for clothes, shoes, and our food because the food that is made by the prisoners is not edible at all.

One of the major reasons for the MDOC denying these institutions is drugs being smuggled in. Somehow a correctional officer found drugs in an inmate’s book and now they believe that is how drugs are being smuggled in.

The problem is that we shouldn’t be punished as a whole for someone who can’t follow the rules, and that the MDOC is quick to blame someone else for their mishaps but the real problem lies within the MDOC.

The MDOC has been quarantined for over a year due to Covid. So that means no contact visits. Our incoming mail is copied and then disposed of due to drugs entering the facilities. Still somehow drugs are ending up inside.

Now, you tell me how. One of the main reasons that drugs enter the facilities is through staff. Same way Covid enters.

They’ll never admit that the MDOC is corrupt because their reputation is on the line, money is involved, and why not blame the inmates? They’re already criminals.

Not all staff members are corrupt, same as not all inmates have changed for the better, but in their eyes inmates are all the same.

Corruption doesn’t just mean bringing drugs in. It could just be setting up an inmate or lying, or even stealing money. These things happen all the time but what can we do about it when we have to still go through one of their superiors who’s going to side with them and shoot our claims down?

We have no help in here or out there. We need voices out there that are going to fight for us. The MDOC needs to be investigated immediately due to all the corruption.

Thank you, respectively submitted,

Christopher Clark #511663

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