Michigan’s criminal law is one of the levers through which governments bring power to bear on their individual citizens. Moreover, the late 18th century, created laws that still remain on Michigan law books in the 21st Century.

Therefore, my crime and punishment? Imagine serving Life without parole (LWOP) for First Degree Murder, yet you have never killed another human being?

Even though, my Basic information sheet reflects the following codification:

* MCL 750.316(a) First Degree Murder.

* MCL 750.316(c) First Degree Murder / Conspiracy

However, upon researching my basic information sheet does not reflect the codification of controlling authorities of penal law that I’m incarcerated on:

MCL 769.39 Aiding and Abetting

MCL 750.157 Conspiracy

The strength of the idea of checks and balances was one of the factors that impelled penal law towards codification. The crime and punishment therefore shepherding M.C.L. 769.39 (Aiding & Abetting) I’ve discovered that my sentence is one based on one such 18th century law.

My firsthand experience with this criminal law, it’s hard to resist the conclusion there is certainly identified oppression with abuse of criminal law.

Furthermore, your codefendants played the blame game. On the advice of my public defender: “…remain silent and refuse a speedy trial.” This resulted in one year later, a codefendant with more involvement than you receiving a plea deal from prosecutor for a lesser sentence of 22 to 40 years to testify hearsay about you at your trial.

Punishment must be made in some cases less sanguinary, and in general more proportionate to the crimes. The legislature and future legislature has a duty to “reform” the “penal laws”. Especially, incarcerating a human being for LWOP.

Sybil Padgett, #325532
WHV Correctional Facility

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