The prisons administration’s job is to keep us blissfully ignorant of who we are, what we think, and how will behave in a dense fog of reinforcement.

Our thoughts are shaped primarily by legacy hardware that evolved to assume that everyone else must be right.

Yet, even when the fog is pointed out, we’re no better at navigating through it. So, why, you may ask, do I go on talking, in here? Why go on year after year serving LIFE without parole?

It is because I pray I can save one person out of the thousands in the fog! That’s it! Now, I’m the heroine of my own story…I’m powerless to verify the “powers that be” in this private-gated community. As, they’ve created this fog for their profits.

However, my heart is as good and as worthy as wood. Even after the fire. Especially, when a convicted person can’t tap the brakes when they’re about to hit the brick wall.

It’s so simple, so obvious.

Exponential growth inside a finite system as prisons leads to collapse. Those in control refuse to see it…so the authority of those in control is “bankrupt” — Corrupt!

By this: numerous prisoners’ don’t make reality in here they evade it!

Those “powers that be” in prisons are looting capital from taxpayers and hiding the costs with profits. But, the bills are coming and they want be able to pay. When the injustice of wrongful convictions continue to be revealed.

In and of itself, a secret all Individuals in society needs to understand and grapple.

√√√ Sybil

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