Anyways, question concerning is my situation – Life without Parole – a parole “ELIGIBLE” sentence?

+ Yes I’m saying that my situation with my sentence of Life without Parole is clearly “ELIGIBLE” for parole under Michigan Complied Law (M.C.L.).

Therefore, we must get a CAP of 30 – 35 years on LIFE (letters).

As it’s the only solution to the numerous issues ongoing for us Michiganders serving LIFE with or without PAROLE.

I’m tired of hearing legislation and other organizations are working on making LIFE “eligible after 25 years.” Clearly, we are already “eligible”. It just isn’t working!!


The process is lengthy and cumbersome. Yet, prisoners are “ELIGIBLE” for parole based on: M.C.L. 741. 244, Sec. 1., Sec. 2., and Sec. 2.(d) if a medical issue and must be an approval with the Bureau of Health Care Services, too.

Those serving LWP & LWOP must serve 10 calendar years, then they are allowed to see a Parole Board member. (Yet, NEVER are paroled). We call this our “first interview”.

Then every 5 years after that a “Lifer Review” of your MDOC file by a Parole Board member.

We are called into the Counselor’s Office to fill out and sign the “Prisoners Eligibility Report” (PER) form: Must provide 2 Names, address and phone number of location if paroled? Do you need SS card, Driver License or Community Placement?

However, rarely does one get an interview. We receive a “NO INTEREST” form in mail with the next five year date for the next “LIFER REVIEW” of your MDOC file.

If a LWP OR LWOP get an “INTEREST” then there is a date and time to see a Parole Board member “face-to-face” and one family or friend can attend, too.

Then, if that gets further “INTEREST” the Parole Board notifies the Governor, prisoners Judge, Prosecutor and victims for their approval.

Then, only if “all of them” approve “INTEREST” a Public Hearing is scheduled with three Parole Board Members, the Attorney General or Asst. Attorney General, and the victims of your crime are notified of the Public Hearing date and time.

Also, we can have our side of the room with our supporters for our release. At the Public Hearing a LWP or LWOP prisoner is placed on trial all over, again. Then each side gets to speak on their view of you and if you should or shouldn’t receive a parole date.

Then, after that the LWP or LWOP can get a “NO INTEREST” in mail with another five year date.

For twenty years, I’ve witnessed first-hand numerous women prisoners cry from the psychological pain of being DENIED, again after 25 to 45 years of incarceration. At a frail age of 65 to 85 years old.

During this time, I’ve only witnessed a few get an “NO INTERST” with their LIFER REVIEW yet, then approximately 2 to 3 months get a notice for a Public Hearing to be conducted after all.

Then there is MCL 791.244, Section 2.
Any prisoner, family member or friend can file a Commutation form every 2 years for release from prison.


Pull up the new MDOC Operational Policy on Commutation Application Process – O.P. 06.05.104D (6-7-2021)
Approved: HEW 4/29/2021.

Another way to dehumanize us. Clearly, numerous prisoners voice that the PC and Rum is unapproachable, now! Yet, now the “powers that be” want us to ask for a commutation application from them? Whew!

Just as “ALL” Staff are unapproachable @ WHV. Talk about a severe mental anguish, anxiety, fear, etc.


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