If I could talk to someone…

If I could talk to someone no longer alive I’d want to converse with Harold Waldwin Percival. His book ”Thinking And Destiny Being the Science of Man”….. there are no words to really describe it….the closest I could possibly come would be magical. I experienced an awakening to the truth of who I really AM, unlike any Spiritual awareness I have ever experienced. For all the ‘great’ books, this one made life make sense to me. The ‘Aha’ moment of all aha moments! To become conscious of Consciousness? What?! Absolutely amazing! My encounter with the book was magical. Just the way in which the book found me, is a testament to the power of synchronicity when my thoughts, words and actions are in alignment. It literally called out to me in response to my sincere request for revelational knowledge, as someone was moved in my unit with it, just to introduce me to the book and in a week she was released. The Spirit moved her to turn it over to me, even though she had every intention on taking it with her. 

I know for sure that at this point in my life….. I can do anything, but wrong. I would definitely like to speak with the author just to get a first hand account of his experience of applying the truths he speaks of to his own life lived and the difficulty or challenges he was faced with and how they reflect my own.

-Tamerra Washington

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