Pease & Blessings

Peace and Blessings to the Thoughts Beyond the wall readers?

I Always make it my duty to Greet You all In Peace because Someday’s Because what is Life If its not in Peace For The First Question That was posed to us I would Like to share with you all whose I would like to Sit Down with One More Time That’s Not Alive in this Physical Realm actually Its More Then One But Mainly My Father His Name Is Douglas A.X(Brown) i Put The X Because Brown Isn’t His True Last name. i Choose My Father Because Growing Up I was raised Majority By My Mother and The World around me i never really Had A Close close connection but it was Fair he loved me i loved him even though i did have my father around and sometime in my life it was difficult understanding why wasn’t he around and it was a disconnect like i needed him to be My Father wasn’t A bad person or a horrible father he just was insufficient in area where i need him the most this year 5/22/21 i lost my father to him not taking care of him self Physically, an abusing his body with eating all the wrong foods mentally and Spiritually also Taking that Vaccine. years of not taking care of your health will give you a early death. If i could have one Conversation with My Father I would ask Him How did He feel when his Father wasn’t Around and abandoned him and his Siblings?

If i had a ship or A vehicle that could take me any where Well This Vehicle and ship I have can take me all over the World and I am speaking of Our Minds The Mind is One of the Most Powerful Ships you can Ever have use and possess we all have one Vehicle that the creator gave us and if we use it to its highest potential. we could go all over the planet even out into the universe if you know History The Dogon peoples of Mali with their lineage to ancient Egypt and reportedly accurate knowledge of the star Sirius and its neighboring celestial systems They didn’t Have No Hell Cat, No range Rover they Didnt Have No srt8 They Had There Minds and traveled So My Focus Is getting My Vehicle Prepared for that type of travel because this world is nothing and material things is No Where near more Valuable then the one Thats within The ship That controls everything is Your MInd!

If i could create any new law what a question well me being a lifer it would have to be To abolish the Death Penalty and Life Sentence America Justice system should be the last Government to have laws that kill people and don’t give them a second chance at life when they go around the World killing women and children with bombs, Chemical warfare how could you condemn anybody else to death when you are the pale horse who they talk about in Revelation who’s rider was Named Death So My Law would be to abolish The Death Penalty and Stop Giving People Natural Life.

Darius Lewis# 781780

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