Character Building


First, I would like to thank the organization for providing this platform for me, because my mind has been locked up physically and mentally for almost 25 years. So, I’m forever thankful and grateful for this opportunity, and I will make sure I don’t waste anybody time with this chance.

So with that said, by this being my first attempt at this please allow me to properly introduce myself to the ones who’s interested in how I think and feel. My name is Shytour Williams, and I’m a man who has spent most of his life in prison because I was convicted at 15 years old for murder (in Saginaw, MI). Faced with a mountain that seem unbearable to climb, I decided to detach myself from the reality I was facing, which caused me to become black hearted. With a heart that couldn’t understand what compassion, empathy, or sympathy was, made my way of thinking help me sustained in prison until a little girl (in ’07) gave me the courage and energy to change how I thought and felt. Her unconditional love helped me obtain my GED, develop the passion for trouble teens, and be a spokesman for self-improvement. Also, she helped me notice how to correct the bad habits I had in decision making, and work harder at my anger issues I was showcasing in my behavior. Unfortunately, being housed around the State of Michigan’s most notorious criminals from the age of 16 to 40 (now), the little girl along with my determination to be better man has helped me learn how to grow through reading, writing, and listening while housed in an abnormal environment. Therefore, my mind now is a true testimony toward the rich history of men finding themselves in prison. The spirit of greatness live in everything I do, so I hope you enjoy this journey I’m about to embark on with this opportunity because it can be a building block for future generation to stand on.

My First topic is, “CHARACTER BUILDING”.

I was told that life start with a good question, because it allows what you know to be challenged. A challenge that’s going to ask your input or for you to step outside yourself. For me everything started when I asked myself “why is the building of character so important?” At first I thought the importance was centered around finding out who I am, but then I begin to look at “the building of” in the asking of character. And this way of thinking provided me with looking at what a character is made up of, which helped me identify the many names that’s attached to character. Names like virtues, morals, principals, qualities, attributes, personalities, and characteristics. They all change from a usage standpoint when used, but when all of them are used in a noun sense, they all mean the same thing identically. So to keep us with the same mindset during this spill, I like using “QUALITY” as the reference toward what makes up the consistency in character. Now, why the building of character is so important, it allows individuals to know who they are along with how they got there, but the “key” in doing so is, being provided with the tools to overcome or undo any obstacles life throw at you through the built qualities you’ve stored within your character.

So my next question to you is, what’s the difference between “QUALITIES” that are built verses ones that’s given (from birth)?

To be cont… (From: Signs of Hope)

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