Happy Momma Monday!

“A Sharing moment”:

My Earth; My Mother got to spread her heavenly wings Sept.11.2017; just so happened, I was talking to a friend and I heard her mother’s voice in the background, and, I heard her mother, I heard my mother, I heard what that safety, what that security, what that assurance, what that love felt, meant and is. A vision of how much that really meant and what all that really entails permeated through me. Recalling another significant person in my life, and her plight without knowing the divine dynamic of that feeling—still, raising 3 children, a special needs child and a grandchild of exceptional circumstance. How much do we take for granted, or don’t use our motherly love as our mothers are and have given us directly from God: Love?

From now on, Let us love like that. r/l

As much love our mothers are, as much love as we wished we were, as much love as we wish we could be; we are by divine order. Living. Being. Existing in this moment right now is the proof. Live that love out loud, on purpose and with that reason. real/love

Noble’Ju sheldonroyce


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