Be Mindful in Being Honest

Hello (world)!

Today’s conversation was centered around the question, why do people choose to lie to their children about what they did in life? The majority felt that they business shouldn’t be shared with their child, because like the slogan say, “do as I say, not as I do”. Personally, I feel that’s another one of them confessed moments for a child in the process of progressing, because its asking the child to figure out what they feeling verses what they seeing without any explanation to the “WHY” that’s in the room. This confusion is like a gateway for a child in allowing outside influences the chance to explain something acceptable (or not), that might go contrary to the beliefs of the parent or what the parent is trying to teach the child. Mindfulness is one of them life lessons that’s asked from the matured mind to perform more frequently than other lessons, so when ones not able to raise up to that occasions, life has a way to show the parent(s) what they missed by not being mindful (of the child).

So the message today is, to be mindful in being honest when life challenge you not to be, because life is given you a chance at shaping or modeling a soul.

By, Shytour (Signs Of Hope)..

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