“Never Free”

Hello (world)!

Spill #1)
“I’m not ashamed, because I’m human”….
…A lot of people have done things they wouldn’t do again, along with doing things others wouldn’t approved of. However, being human allows us not to be perfect from a thinking standpoint, but it doesn’t allowed error thinking in the moment to be the excuse for not correcting the incorrect thinking. What this mean, ones shouldn’t never be ashamed of what they did, because for one they are human and the other one say imperfection come with being that. Therefore, anything an individual did should be willing to tell someone if asked. In doing so, this act allows an individual to live “free of the mind”, which is the healthiest way to live. Because when the mind is freed in being relaxed, it’s during that process were the mind can be reconnect with the universe. The ultimate purpose outside of obedience!

Spill #2)
“Never Free”….
… Everybody want something, and most would say that something is FREEDOM. A freedom that consists of no worries toward the mental and physical aspect of life, but the truth is, as a human ones cannot nor will be free in this matter while alive. So the next way in being free is, to be free in obtaining what an individual mind and heart desire. The price tag for freedom like this come at the cost of one’s identity, because it promotes unity to be broken among fellowship which ultimately make ones slaves to their needs. To be free is not to be alive! Because, as long as a person walk on this earth they will forever suffer from the need of want, which is explained on so many levels in any religious text you pick up that exist.

By, Shytour (Signs Of Hope)..

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