Stop & Think About Others

I could remembered back when I was little. I probably was around 10. I was on a depression drug called Ritalin.

Ritalin was a drug that professionals subscribe youth who was hyperactive.

During the time I was taken this so-called medication, I contemplated committing suicide on many occasions.

I was lost as the Ritalin made me depressed and made me wanted to end my life altogether.

I tried setting the closet on fire with me in it. I tried electrocuting myself by sticking two metal forks into an electric socket.

Thankfully, I didn’t succeed.

After seeing the effect this drug had on me, my grandmother took me off of it and gave me some help by taking me to see a psychologist.

Since then I began to love life, and I’ve began to understand that depression can lead to serious mental problems and can lead to death. This month [October] is breast cancer awareness month as well as depression awareness month.

During this month, I go out and give strangers hugs and tell them that everything going to be alright, and also listen to them and try to understand what they are going through.

To the people who are going through the pain to losing someone to breast cancer or any kind of cancer. I feel your pain. I lost the love of my life to brain cancer. She was my grandmother.

August 29th is her birthday and on that day and the month of October I celebrate her life and the ones who are going through cancer treatment as well as the ones we had lost to this deadly disease.

Late last month, I wrote a post about a brother in the struggle we had lost in here to cancer.

Sometime it is alright to stop and think about others. There’s people who are going through worst problems than u, so if u see someone down on their luck, don’t be afraid to lend a helping hand.

Peace and love to all. Jerome Aka Don’Jay

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