Living NOW

Reflecting on whether my actions for freedom match my words… Absolutely!

From the moment I was wrongfully convicted, I vowed to conduct my days as if I’d be released tomorrow. No seg trips, no dysfunctional relationships, and minimal tickets. I don’t like to be locked down. I need to be free within this incarceration.

I do the internal work. I only read books to grow from. Rare entertainment reading. I prepare for a life of substance beyond this place.

For 10 years I’ve conducted myself in this manner. I recently read that the concept of time is a social agreement. That all we ever have is the moment of NOW. The past only exist in our head. The future is pre-sent from the moment of now…… the seeds we’ve sown.

I’m now thinking that I’ve ceased to fully thrive in my moments of now. What does living NOW look like for me???

I’m trying to figure that out cause all I see is relief, release…..EXONERATION.

Tamerra Washington 486364


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