Having Gratitude

November is the month to recognize the things you have gratitude for.

What is it to have gratitude, and/or to be gratuitous?

When one is waited on in a restaurant, a waiter or waitress will look for a tip after services have been rendered. The person being served should automatically want to give or offer a tip. This action would signify gratitude for services rendered.

However, to be gratuitous implies offering compensation (whatever that compensation may be) without any services being rendered to you. When gratitude is defined in the Greek it is synonymous with thankfulness… it also means to; give and grant favor.

I believe favor has been granted and freely given to me, and what has been freely given, I give back for free.
Therefore, I’m grateful I’m conscious of Gratitude’s true meaning, because it stirs me up to thank my creator for what I didn’t get that I deserve. I’m grateful for the accident that missed my family and friends today. I’m also thankful today for every opportunity that presents itself to affect change in my community.

Lastly, I have so much gratitude toward God for my ability to move, live and have my being, because without it…I can’t have gratitude for it.

Stay Prayed Up!
Bro. Albert Townsend Jr.

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