Always Be Thankful

Peace To All. The Thoughts Beyond The Wall writers and readers, I pray when you all Read This Post You are all at Peace Spiritually, Mentally, Emotionally, Physically. This Month Is So Important Because Most People Don’t recognize the small things to be Thankful For. So with that being Said, I wanna show my Gratitude First to this Platform for Giving Men Like Me and others who Society sees as Useless and unredeemable. So thank you for the Men and women Who help with this platform to tell and share our story’s thoughts outside these barbed wires and brick walls. I Thank you.

All Praise is due to Allah (God). God is The Greatest. What else should a Man or Women Be Expressing and showing Gratitude for Beside The One Who Gives Life and Take it away? So the first thing Off Lips When I wake up every day Is: God is The Greatest. I’m Thankful for Allah (God) Giving Me 32 years. I’m Thankful for all the Ups and Downs. I am Thankful For him Sending All the Gods and Goddess I’ve Encountered who Had his Essence within them and helped me Become the man I am today. I’m Thankful for The Sun, I am Thankful For The Moon, I am Thankful for The Stars, I am Thankful For The creator for sending the thought to My Father to Find my Mother attractive, Mentally Spiritually and Physically, to wanna reproduce. Most Of all, I am 3 times Appreciative of The Queen Womb Who Carried me and went through A pain that’s the closest thing to death to deliver me and Give me life. I Can’t thank her enough, But I always make sure I give that Praise to the One Who Created The Sperm and egg for me to be Here. God is The real Author.

I’m Grateful for The ancestors Who Paved the way for me to be able to have the desire to wanna Be the Best. I’m Thankful for My siblings, who all have their own uniqueness. I am thankful for My Nieces and Nephews, you are the future of a people who has No beginning Nor ending. I am thankful For all The Friends Who I had the Opportunity to build with And get to know. I spent a lot of time with Friends coming up in my Life, and the People I was around shaped me into being the man I am today. I received so much love and Favors from you all, and if I never expressed it to the ones that’s gone back to the essence then I wanna let you know I am Grateful and appreciate your Sacrifices and love and time we spent together.

So in Closing, Always Be Conscious of Who is The True Life Giver, and Give Him Your Will and Your Praise because he is the One who Should be Honored and praised. Because without That God That’s Within you, There is None of this. I Leave You all in Peace.

Darius M Lewis #781780

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