Waking Up in Prison – Part 1

By. Joseph Green

Many people wonder what goes through the mind of a person serving life in prison. Some can’t begin to fathom this, yet this is my daily reality. Please keep in mind that this is only my perspective of waking up in prison with a life sentence. I want to let you the reader into my world. In hopes of showing you prison through my eyes.

I awoke this morning and gave praise to my creator for allowing me to see another day. I will never take for granted this gift called life. Prayer is essential for my peace and patience in the midst of the madness. This morning I gathered with a couple guys to make prayer which I have been doing for the last 6 months.

Today is about progress and seeing growth in myself. Reading is how I escape and enter into my college. My professors are vast so this morning I was reading a book called the law of success by Napoleon Hill. I read something that said, “Deliberately place in your own mind the sort of thoughts that you desire there, and keep out your mind those thoughts which others place there through suggestion and you will become a person of self-control.”

Self-control is a very important factor in prison. I am constantly being tested mentally by the officers and other inmates. However, I am tested the hardest by self. I battle my thoughts daily of good and bad. I have seen to many men in prison become defeated mentally. I refuse to ever look at my situation as one of defeat. I am never defeated, if God has allowed me another moment to breathe then he has given me another moment to triumph. He has blessed me with the opportunity to meet good people. Who strive to speak positivity in my life. I place nothing in my mind but FREEDOM and positivity every day.

Today will be a productive and positive day. I will not allow negative thoughts or the negative thoughts of others to lead me in a direction that’s not conducive to my growth and freedom. My thoughts determine my actions so I’m feeding that King within to manifest the life I deserve. This is WAKING UP IN PRISON 8-22-2022! Stay tuned for more……..#T.B.T.W.

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