Blind Leading the Blind

My name is Jerome Walker, but a lot of people call me DJ. I want to share with you on why education is so important to me, and why it should be important to you.

Education is the key to success. With education you gain knowledge, and by having knowledge it allows you to open up your creativeness.

Education can also open your mind up to a lot of things that you probably didn’t know exist. Without education, is almost like the blind leading the blind.

I want to share a story with you on how powerful having an education can be.

Here’s a history of this guy they once called Don’Jay.

Don’Jay was a high school dropout who thought females was more important than school or getting an education. He began to become rebellious against his parents, started getting into trouble, and ran away from home to join a gang.

Don’Jay thought that his true family was some people who really didn’t care rather he lived or died. He didn’t figure that out until he went to prison at the age of 17 for murder.

In prison, he didn’t care rather he lived or died, so he did everything illegal that he could think of to pass the time.

One day his grandma came to visit him. She asked him, what was he doing with his life?

He stated with a cold blooded stare “I’m doing me!”

His grandma looked at him, and said I didn’t raised you that way, what had gotten into you?”

He couldn’t think of an excuse, so he stayed there quiet.

Later on that night, he laid on his bunk and thought about life, and how he disappointed the one who cared about him the most. His grandma.

The tears rolled as he thought about the sacrifice his grandma went through so he could attain an education.

Then the question his grandma asked at the end of his visit hit him like a ton of bricks.

She asked him, what is it that he wanted to be out of life, because she knew, being a prisoner for the rest of his life wasn’t it?

He couldn’t figure that out until his tenth year of being in prison.

He looked at how the prison system changed. It was more kids coming to prison than adults. Kids from the ages of 12-17 was filling the prison system. Not only that, but prison became a revolving door for these juveniles who was sent to an adult prison.

Don’Jay wanted to help bring changed. But how could he do that when he barely knew how to write let alone read?

Soon, he enrolled into school and obtained a GED.

That made him proud as well as his grandma. Right after he taught himself how to write with a pen, he began to study on how to break old habits, and start up healthy ones.

He enrolled in every program he possibly could. There is where he learned about creative writing.

He found out that he had a talent to write.

He quickly figured that was one way he could reach out to the youth. Through his unique style of writing.

He knew that in order to see changed he has to be that change.

He began to think differently. Soon after, he knew what he wanted to be out of life. He wanted to become a beckon of hope for the young generation who was once him.

He became inspired to become a motivational speaker for at-risk youths.

I can tell you this, without having an education, I would have been a lost soul in pursuit of happiness. Now, I’m a man who knows what I want out of life and knows what it takes to obtain it.

How could you obtain success without an education? Knowledge is infinite, but what’s knowledge, without its foundation which is education?

I’m proudly to say with this newfound knowledge I have from receiving an education, I was giving a second chance at life. I went from doing life in prison to coming home in 2025.

Peace and blessings, I hope that this story of my life drives you to seek an education. Because without it, remember it’s like the blind leading the blind.

Please do reach out to me to learn more.

Jerome Don’Jay Walker #277651
Parnall Correctional Facility
1780 E. Parnall road
Jackson, Michigan 49201

Or you can write to me at

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