Waking Up in Prison

By: Joseph Green

I give praise to my creator for allowing me another day to make right my wrongs from yesterday. I have found out through my journey that my strength grows out of my weakness. I look at self to see where I’m weak and strive daily to make that part of me strong.

I read this morning, “the measure of a man may be taken very accurately by the extent to which he adapts himself to his environment and makes it his business to accept responsibility for every adversity with which he meets, whether the adversity grows out of a cause within his control or not.”

This statement is so powerful. I have adapted to my environment. Not in the sense that I’m becoming content with being in prison but in the sense that “I” have made choices and decisions on this journey. I must take accountability and not place the blame on anyone other than myself. It’s said heavy is the head that wears the crown. I can only learn from my mistakes and grow.

To the reader of this, you have the opportunity to change a life. Your words have the power to either build or destroy the person who hears them. We are all students of life so it’s important that we give those we love encouragement in the midst of the storm. You’re not waking up in prison so I would say you’re ahead in that sense. Make the best of your day but do so by helping someone else on the journey.

Today is going to be a positive day. I plan to impact one person today with words of encouragement and faith. Waking up in prison isn’t easy but it’s my attitude that will dictate my actions. If my thoughts precede my actions, then it’s imperative that I keep my thoughts positive and productive. This is the only way I can obtain the freedom I seek. THIS IS WAKING UP IN PRISON Stay tuned for more…….T.B.T.W.

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