Get on Your Grind Young Mind

Get on your grind young mind….

Time is of the essence and we need you right now.
Rise into your power to show them your worth.
The time to be laxed is over and now it’s time to put in the work.
To be the Kings and Queens your bloodline has destined you to be.
Upstanding greatness that the world has yet to see.
Architects, Doctors, and Lawyers that’s only touching the surface.
Scientists, Professors, or Congress for an unsuffering change.
Imagine what can be done if you tap into the mind?
Education is power and the strength is through pride.
Proud to hold your head up high as you walk with a stride.
Time is of the essence….
Time to get on your Grind Young Mind!

-Demetrice Coates
Thumb Correctional Facility
3225 John Conley Dr.
Lapeer, MI 48446

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