Waking Up in Prison

By: Joseph Green

I give praise to my creator for allowing me another day to love those I have in my life. I never take for granted the people who has shown their loyalty, love and support.

I was having a conversation with a guy yesterday that was still on my mind this morning. The conversation dealt with the people whom we grew up with be it family or friends. The people who called on you when they needed something. The people you spent most of your time around. The people you seen start their families. The people in which you loved.

If you grew up in the street’s then you have heard the cliche saying, “If you ever go to prison you will find out who your real friends are”. I will be damned if that wisdom wasn’t true and shown to me over the last 16 years of incarceration.

I “thought” I had some loyal family and friends. It’s said that “LOYALTY IS A LIFESTYLE NOT JUST A WORD”! Sadly, I had to come to prison to find out that I was living a different lifestyle. Today as I sit and type these words as an innocent man. I ask myself, “Am I truly loyal to the one person that matters the most”?

Don’t get me wrong I have some REAL SOLID AND LOYAL people in my life. I want to THANK all of you for the unwavering support, loyalty and encouragement. And the sacrifice of money cause its hard in here… lol! I have gained friends who have never met me in person, yet they have stood by me and supported me. That means so much to me.

When people show you who they truly are believe them the first time. If it doesn’t upset you that I’m sitting in prison for a crime I didn’t commit then please don’t say you’re my friend. If you’re not reaching out to me and asking how can you help get me home please stop posting Free Joe Black, I miss you and any other fake stuff.

This is why when I wake up in the morning I give praise to my creator. He has put in me a desire that feeds my will to get out of prison. He has put forgiveness on my heart so that I to can be forgiven. True power is organized unity to achieve a specific goal.

Today will be positive and productive. I stand strong and refuse to bend or fold. I am a King. I am Man. I am a leader. I am my mama’s SUN! Pressure either bust pipes or make diamonds! What do you think it’s doing to me? My success will be my testimony. THIS IS WAKING UP IN PRISON! Stay tuned for more…..T.B.T.W.

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