What’s Free?

Keron Robinson #748559
TCF, 3225 John Conley Dr.
Lapeer, MI 48446

What’s Free?

Free is being authentically You.

Keeping outside opinions on the outside where they belong we all know people always have something to say.

All in your business!
A wise women once said “It don’t cost you a dime to stay outta mines”

But THAT’S THEIR INSECURITIES SHINING THROUGH, especially when you’re in your bag.

What’s Free?

Knowing your worth (KNOW THYSELF)
You’re great.
You’re brilliant.
You’re beautiful.
You’re necessary.
Crafted straight from divine essence of God.

Discover yourself. (KNOW THYSELF)

YOU ARE SOMETHING ELSE!!! More than what society would paint across your face.

You are a flawless gem buried beneath the darkness of Earth.
Discover yourself.

What’s Free?

Defining YOUR worth.
Finding comfort being outside the box.
Not conforming to social norms or following trends.

Create the norms. Start the trends.


The leadership trait is coursing through our veins, sadly we keep it dormant and become enslaved.
We succumb to social constructs and others opinions of how you should live your life.


Free is BEING,
being the moment not living in the moment.

BE, my baby, because in this moment right now as you’re reading this diction people are walking around milling about lost in the daily routine.
People you care about. People you’ve yet to get to know.
People are strung out on drugs.
People are being taken against their will to become slave under someone else’s will.
People are dying…LIFE’S TOO SHORT.


Conscious of your surroundings. The people around you KEEP SQUARES OUT OF YOUR CIRCLE. You see it’s 360!

Conscious of the things intake (Mentally, Physically, Spiritually).

Conscious of SELF. You’re so much more than you give yourself credit. Embrace your vulnerabilities, listen to your insecurities.

Conscious of other people’s feelings. Have a HEART.

Conscious of your actions. BE THE MOMENT don’t live in the moment, because some of the things we do in the moment may affect the ones we love, someone we might grow to love, or someone in general.


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