Happy Momma Monday!

Song: Thank You
Artist: DJ Khaled / Big Sean
The most amazing discovery from the very beginning, is and has always been, that great security, that since of heroic safety, that infallible Mother’s Love. Even as we had an inclination to fathom that we grew beyond that safe space, it showed its unlimited reach, to be everywhere we needed, just when needed. In these new moments we find that security, that safety, that infallible love in our thoughts and our actions. In our DNA is the divine genetics, inside of our inner most sacred being is the connection that powers that aspiration, that inspiration, to move beyond hope, and live whatever we image into reality; by way of Mother’s Love: All mothers, before, and now. Limitless. real/love

That is the reason for these Momma Monday pieces. All mothers deserve, have earned, are that incandescent light inside that shines life through, onto, new life, onto, more life, that should be respected, honored, and consciously adorned. For my part, the first Monday of every month, every was, almost, acting, and are mothers will be appreciated vehemently, at least the ones that are in my reach to touch, will be touched. real/love.

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