Waking Up in Prison

By: Joseph Green

Giving praise to my creator for another positive and productive morning. I just want you to know that I write these posts early in the mornings. I strive every day to bring you into my world by way of my words. By no means am I saying that waking up in prison is easy because it’s not. However, I keep a positive outlook knowing that the energy I put out in the universe not only comes back but it is what motivates me daily to get out of prison.

Didn’t do much reading this morning. I wanted to focus on this script for my podcast. I think this opportunity is great for me to bring you into this world even more. I’m finding purpose for my time. I’m learning to turn my tragedy into triumph. Anyone that has known me before prison can attest to the fact that I have always been caring and giving. With this helpful spirit I want to help those incarcerated get their voice out to the world. To show that not everyone convicted of a crime, everyone in prison is a bad and heinous person.

By using this platform and the T.B.T.W. podcast I hope to connect the world with inspirational and inspiring men and women. When you go through adversity and struggle it molds you in such a way that only adversity and struggle can. A lot of these men and women have changed the way they think and see the world totally different. I tell people all the time to never allow one tragic mistake define who you are for the rest of your life. We all make mistakes. There is no person alive who is flawless and perfect in all they do. Some are just good at hiding it.

I just want you to know that destigmatization of those convicted of a crime is essential to equality. If all you see is a criminal when you look at me, I wonder what you see when you look in the mirror after you made a mistake. There are some people who need to be locked up simply because they pose a great threat to human life for they have no passion to live themselves. Yet in most cases you have young man who grow up in environments where before they turn 18 years old, they have lost at least 4 friends to gun violence. They don’t want to die they want to live. The first law of human nature is self-preservation so we can’t judge these young men so harshly.

Today will be positive and productive. I stand strong and refuse to bend or fold. I am a King. I am Man. I am a leader. I am my mama’s SUN! Pressure either bust pipes or make diamonds! What do you think it’s doing to me? My success will be my testimony. THIS IS WAKING UP IN PRISON! Stay tuned for more…..T.B.T.W.

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