That which gives instructions to orchestrate a or some fulfillment for the efforts applied to a goal(s), that is education. For each their own course on to tutelage. The path that gives you the greatest availability to becoming the best version of who you envision yourself to be is the path and process for you. The materials, the environment, the company, the energy, the literature, the attention to/for/from, the attentiveness to/for/from, the passion to/for/from, the vision, the view, the reason, the how to, the comprehension, the application, the manner of consumption, the matter of consumption, all or in part, may be nutrition for some, yet in some, a diet of complicated imbalance. Vegetarian, carnivorous; nonreligious or religious; academically acknowledged or simply life experience; opera or hip hop; MMA or golf; what attracts a person to an experience is how that thing tends to the best of their focus. In that intensity of focus, is where the consciousness is so awakened. This magnetizes universe with self in a way that makes awareness of, Unlimited power is I, I am Me, me is, we, we are one, all are the same even with our differences. What makes me who I am, is my lessons from and to life, as the next person’s lessons are of the same service. Each life has this offering of existence that is available for some more consumption, ready to apply some more, education. Your Sefu, your Sensei, your teacher, your mentor, your minister, your guru, your advisor is all conclusive, in the way it is read, understood, portrayed, witnessed, received, provided; something will be taught and learned, you are teaching the education of your life, by how you educate with your life. Whatever you have gathered in the education of yourself, provides life with the education of yourself, in the way that you live. In every moment you get to provide education, and an opportunity to be educated. How will you live, education? real/love

Keep your eyes wide mind wise while ballin thru it all


Noble. files. ————- Realla Journals




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