Waking Up in Prison

By: Joseph Green

Gratitude is my attitude. Thankful and Grateful for another morning. I’m healthy, focused and positive. I’m thankful for the positive people I have in my life. I’m thankful for the negative people I have in my life. My perception is my reality, and my perception is I’m forever in the classroom. Learning from everything and everyone.

My brother’s birthday is tomorrow. Jerome would have been 38 years old. My big bro!! I miss him! Really wish he could have seen us walk out these doors. We bumped heads a lot over various things. I knew that my brother had a hard life, shit, I grew up with him. He spent a lot of time in juvenile which I believe caused a lot of his anger.

Following my brother’s death, I was told countless stories of his pain. How he felt about my brother, and I being incarcerated. He felt alone and when I reflect on our past, we as brothers didn’t spend a lot of time together. From 14-19 my brother was in juvenile, so it was only me and my younger brother. Then when he came home, we spent about a year together before I left for Job Corp for 9 months. When I came home, we spent a few months together before he went to prison for 2 years. Before he came home from prison my younger brother and I was charged with a murder. So as teens we never spent time with each other.

I bring this up because my brother felt alone and only now in his death do I see the source of his pain and hurt. When it was told to me, I felt bad that I wasn’t understanding of this. Mental illness is something I know he battled and having a drug addiction didn’t help. Many people can relate to this story of not having that connection with your sibling or loved ones. My brother needed help and he didn’t get it. I know people tried and I’m thankful for that. But he also had people who enabled his actions.

We all have some dysfunction in our families. We all want a more connected family structure. For my peers, take the time to reflect that we are becoming the monarchs of our families. We have the power to bring our families together. I don’t hear about family reunions anymore. I thrive for the day that I come home, and my family gather to celebrate this release. I will at that moment establish the unity needed. Do what you can to bring happiness and love back to your family? Let’s Break that Willie Lynch Syndrome if you don’t know what that is, look it up and you will see how this slave master is still in power today.

Today will be positive and productive. I stand strong and refuse to bend or fold. I am a King. I am Man. I am a leader. I am my mama’s SUN! Pressure either bust pipes or make diamonds! What do you think it’s doing to me? My success will be my testimony. THIS IS WAKING UP IN PRISON! Stay tuned for more…..T.B.T.W.

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