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That which gives instructions to orchestrate a or some fulfillment for the efforts applied to a goal(s), that is education. For each their own course on to tutelage. The path that gives you the greatest availability to becoming the best version of who you envision yourself to be is the path and process for you. […]

Waking Up in Prison

By: Joseph Green Gratitude is my attitude. Thankful and Grateful for another morning. I’m healthy, focused and positive. I’m thankful for the positive people I have in my life. I’m thankful for the negative people I have in my life. My perception is my reality, and my perception is I’m forever in the classroom. Learning […]

Waking Up in Prison

By: Joseph Green Giving praise to my creator for another positive and productive morning. I just want you to know that I write these posts early in the mornings. I strive every day to bring you into my world by way of my words. By no means am I saying that waking up in prison […]

Waking Up in Prison

By: Joseph Green In the name of Allah the Beneficent, the merciful. I give all praise and honor to my creator. Gratitude is my attitude. Always grateful and positive. Alert and dependable. I give because it’s my nature to be selfless. The golden rule is to do unto others as you want others to do […]


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