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Physical Touch V. Mental Touch

This writing is for the women that value a physical touch more than a mental touch also it is for women that don’t know how or what to value. Ladies, many of you value a physical touch because one that’s the only thing the men you choose have to offer. Because this is the only […]

Systemic Racism in American Prisons

By Jerry Metcalf Twitter @JerryMetcalfJr1 A few days back, I sat in my cell listening to two white prison guards hold a conversation about systemic racism outside my window. One of them outright refused to acknowledge systemic racism might exist, claiming that it was all fake news, misinformation, and propaganda conjured up by […]

D i v i n e L a w

“So with the Divine Law which is the stay of the universe, the heart and life of the cosmos–it is that [,] which protects and upholds, and it is no less protective in its penalties than in its peaceful blessings; it is, indeed, all eternal protection which is never for one moment withheld, and it […]

Yeah, They Shocked His Bitch-Ass Back to Life

By Jerry Metcalf Twitter @JerryMetcalfJr1 “Yeah, they shocked his bitch-ass back to life,” a white prison guard said to a few other white guards standing around him laughing at his cruel words. The guard referred to an older incarcerated black man who’d suddenly dropped dead on our prison yard about a week ago […]


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