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True LOVE Comes Through Understanding

We are called the United States of America, the land of the free & home of the brave and there are individuals brave enough to escape there country to take advantage of the benefits and enrich there lives with opportunity. So if they make it here safely and they are abiding by the criminal law, […]

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Race and Racism in American Prisons, and America Herself

Jerry Metcalf #251141Thumb Correctional Facility3225 John Conley DriveLapeer, MI 48446email @ As I sat thinking about how and what to write on such a sensitve topic, I kept asking myself where to begin. Do I start with the fact that although blacks in America only comprise about 12% of the population, they also–stunningly–make up […]

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The Truth

The other day I was approached by this guy named Joe. He asked me a question that I found I couldn’t answer quite as accurate as I should have been able to He asked “what is your perspective on the George Floyd situation.” And I stopped and thought, for the first time, about the situation. […]

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Kelly Farris

SHERIFFS PHYSICALLY ABUSE BLACK WOMAN MURDER HER UNBORN CHILD, SEXUALLY ABUSE HER AND KEPT THEIR JOBS   A young woman in her twenties named Kelly Farris was sitting in her car when the police approached her vehicle and began questioning her about an argument that she had with another female. When the police told her to […]



The following is something I had began writing awhile back, I decided to finish it tonight. This is my first time sharing my thought’s as I myself have been mentally distracted. I have been dealing with responding to trial court’s refusal to obey the law and follow the Supreme Court order that recently instructed the […]

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What is “Defunding the Police”?

Don’t be alarmed by Black Lives Matters call to “defund” the police. Defunding the police means that we set up community security to protect us. Community officers will still have the power to make legal arrest and perform the same duties that police perform right now. However, the “Peace-Officers” will be people who come from […]

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Racial “Cold War” in America

There is a racial “Cold-War” going on in America. In the past, White people openly lynched, torchered, and exploited Black People. Times have changed. Now, racists disguise their true intentions behind laws designed to allow police officers and vigilante White People to legally murder Black People. Not all White People are racist; many of them […]

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Thoughts Beyond the Wall

What up doe? I am bringing you these raw “THOUGHTS” from “BEYOND THE WALL” at Thumb Correctional Facility in Lapeer, Michigan. I’ve done over 22 calendar years on this prison-bit, and I can tell you that these wall closed in on me time and time again. Closing in so tight I couldn’t breathe- George Floyd. […]

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Where Have Our Neighborhoods Gone? Pt 1-Richard Dyer

In the wake of the George Floyd’s death, I have once again sat in dismay at the destruction that some protestors have done to their own neighborhoods. I then had to sit back and ask the question: “Why do we destroy our own neighborhood?” Then I began to analyze this question in the sense that; […]

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Dear Friends, Family, and Followers…-Quentin X

Dear Friends, family and Followers, From behind these walls. From the depth of our souls. From the place where GOD lives within us…., We chant so that our Ancestors hear US! “BLACK LIVES MATTER”. May our voices echo loosening the Earth’s foundation where our ancestors are buried. We ask that they come and be with […]