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Race and Racism in American Prisons, and America Herself

Jerry Metcalf #251141Thumb Correctional Facility3225 John Conley DriveLapeer, MI 48446email @ As I sat thinking about how and what to write on such a sensitve topic, I kept asking myself where to begin. Do I start with the fact that although blacks in America only comprise about 12% of the population, they also–stunningly–make up […]

Black Lives Matter

BLACK LIVES MATTER: Oh Really?-Jerry Riley

How many times has it been said before? Black Lives Matter. Are we stating the obvious? Of course all lives matter, to someone, somewhere, at some moment in time, right? Or is it only when the death of a Black Man or Woman catches the Headline; I Can’t Breathe; do the public authorities have to […]

I Can't Breathe

My Condolences-Andrew Wright

When I seen the video of George Floyd being murdered, I was pissed off! But sadly, I wasn’t shocked! This story seems to be the norm in America today. Its been playing over and over for many years now.  Its clear that the American law enforcement/Department of Corrections has adopted a Gang Mantality way of thinking. […]