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“Man Cave”

When you hear the term “man cave” the first thing that may come to mind is a place where men have created a safe haven, a getaway from his wife and kids. A home away from home sorta speak. You envision the largest television one could ever imagine mounted on the wall, perhaps two. Video […]

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Conservative Movement Pt 2

Modern day Conservative thinking never was nor has it ever been about equality for the minority, only — tolerance due to the new era of time, but now with Trump in office, they no longer have to tolerate the minority. They are saying to the minority; you have been over-stepping your boundary for far to […]

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Supposed to be-Sheldon March

S u p p o s e T o B e When you see things through your God eyes, the more beautiful the view, the greater the experience for your mind in seeing the divine design the way it is “suppose to be”. This world has times, life has moments, where circumstances, events and tribulations […]