Thoughts Beyond the Wall

“Never allow your thoughts to be encaged, Beyond the Wall your thoughts save many.”

-Joseph Green

What we do

THOUGHTS BEYOND THE WALL (T.B.T.W) is a blog/story sharing platform to give a voice to those whose voices are silenced by our current criminal “unjust” system. Our current society forgets that those incarcerated, despite their reason for being there, are still valued human beings. One bad choice or decision shouldn’t define a person for the rest of their life.

This platform is geared at debunking that notion. Our communities should hear the stories and work of those who are affected. Education is the best way to form a solid base of knowledge and facts. It is crucial to give those accused and convicted of a crime a voice without prejudice.

Our goal is to bring awareness of mass incarceration and the injustice in the justice system shown to those of color, poverty, and deemed unfit for society. T.B.T.W. shows the bright stars that still shine in the minds and hearts of those incarcerated.

It is through sharing stories and perspectives that together, we can create larger policy changes and reform for the criminal justice system. Truths will be spoken in hopes of changing a life. By sharing stories of change in the world, society’s perspective will change as well.

14 replies on “Thoughts Beyond the Wall”

Hello I’m Joseph’s cousin he wants you to get with him. If you need the info look me up on FB & send me a msg my name Brandi Milton


Awesome opportunity for many to witness the intelligent minds on the other side of the wall. Through my son, I have become a surrogate mom to many of guys inside. I’ll pass on the information and encourage them to share their thoughts.

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Amazing work Mr. Green, I look forward to checking my email for every new story!
As another blogger commented, a look into the intelligent minds, of whom I feel have been overlooked or more accurately, under looked, it is a great outlet for them and a privilege for us!!

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Amazing Job! You’ve always been a very intellectual 🧐 person… look at you! A man who never lets circumstances hinder him!!! Love you!


I enjoyed reading your blog .. Good Work Nephew truth is there are more people behind bars in the United States than there are living in major American cities.

Corrections Corporation of America CCA’s revenues total assets is around $3.792bn.

It’s a good move the Biden/Harris administration is taking action on this issues.. Biden phases out federal use of private prisons as part of racial equity actions


This is a very intelligent thought provoking blog! It helps keep us aware of all of the injustices and inequality in the prison and criminal justice systems! GREAT JOB JOSEPH!!


The humans who share this wisdom are vital to ending the never ending cycle locking people up without a true eye of corrections. Every sector is taught is lead by a former in the field. police by police, doctors by doctors, lawyers by lawyer. Its time that current and former felons be allowed to guide those who are locked up without a voice they can trust.


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