Our Gardens

There was a man who planted a garden for the very first time. He got a book and followed all the instructions that were given in order to have the proper harvest. He bought all the seeds, he waited for the right season, he turned the soil and then he began to plant. After several months of watering and fertilizing his garden he started to see tomatoes, turnip greens, onions, cucumbers, and cabbage. So he went back to the book that he had to figure out when was the right time to start reaping from what he had planted. But as he was reading he noticed that the book instructed that he pull up the weeds that grew around his vegetation. He immediately headed to his garden because that was something that he never did. After about 30 minutes of working he went to pull a weed that had grown higher than his turnip greens but it wasn’t easy. So he had to get down and really pull at it because it had been growing since the beginning. As he tugged and grunted a little bit he finally got it and he was so surprised at how rooted it was in the earth but even happier that he got it out of his masterpiece.

Then several days later a storm came that brought some heavy rain and that had him very worried. He thought that his garden was finished and would be damaged by the high winds and rain. So the next day he got up and checked to find all of his vegetables soaked in puddles of water and some laying all the way down. He was devastated and couldn’t believe that all his work was for nothing. Full of frustration and disappointment he headed back in the house.

By the next morning the sun was shining bright again but he was still feeling a bit angry about his garden and what had come of it. But he headed back out there anyway because he wanted to see if there was anything that he could salvage. To his surprise, all that he had planted was standing right back up like it had never been hit by a hard storm. The man was so excited and he ended up spending the rest of that day tending to his garden that was once again flourishing.


I wrote this story to remind everyone to take care of the seeds we plant. God will bring about all that we need in our lives when we properly care for the seeds (gifts) that have been given to us. It is not about how much we have but about what we do with what we have. Today, I told a man to be mindful that he is not overlooking what God has already done in his life. Like praying for something that He has already given but we are overlooking it because of how we “think” it should look or fit. God knows what He is doing and we must trust His hand over our lives. After all He created us with purpose on purpose.

Written By: Frank L. Adams Jr. #427391

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