A Poem: “Man to Man”

Never been a lying king, too much of a man for that… this lion king is too much a man for cats… I understand the blight of being right against an institution… my intelligence causing anger, disdain and confusion… distorting reality to fit their narrative… just because they said it doesn’t make it truly real… the reels of this old motion picture will not end the same… the old white men’s club will not end my name… so sitting in your chamber in anger because I’m fighting back… proves that you’re not for Justice, but for fighting blacks… your ego has nothing to do with my guilt nor innocence… but you attack me, instead of the evidence, in vengeance… lynching’s without a tree nor a rope… but my strength and thick neck won’t let me choke… forcing me into legal slavery until I’m useless… die of old age or by a cellmate who’s ruthless… this is your entertainment, pastime, guilty pleasure… if only the integrity of a man was actually measured… but that is exactly why you’re angry now, falling short… your hatred for my black skin is what you judge in court…. do my intelligence surprise you, or that I’m such a force… it isn’t my commanding presence and confidence of course… why would it be with little ol’ me under your feet… your thinking, not mines, That’s so deep… oaths that’s equivalent to the promise of equality… I guess for everyone that isn’t 3/5th of a human being… no 20/20 needed to see that much… even black blind citizens played pianos and such… I expect more out of God like superior beings… I guess your 3D delusions is Martin Luther King’s dreaming…

By Reginald D. Walker #516125

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