Black Lives Matter

Our Black-James Crawford

Our black is beautiful, our black is love, our black is original, our black is pure , I wear my blackness with confidence. I show no fear it’s a duality to this history moment our black is hated, our black was beaten, rape , held in bondage , most of all our black was murder and y’all wonder why we got a chip on our shoulder psychological chain reaction.

Blood of a slave body of a king mind of a God it’s helluva thing, our black is one with the culture so we are equal. 

Being this color pressure is applied on a day to basis the force behind chemical melanin and melationin in our brain the reason we got this glorious color on our body’s and faces the people of this color was dehumanize and sold off as live stock our ancestors was rob of their true nature as human beings whites looked at us as animals existing in a human shall.

They said we was unattractive and we came with a foul smell just thinking about how they did our people in the Atlantic Slave Trade make me stick to my stomach full of pain and rage like Nat Turner ready to rebell. 

Our black come with the natted hair with a Fiske that the unlike woman and man stare born to dream chase and conquer reality mind built to cope with family tragedy, our black region supreme over all colors I hold my black fist high for solidarity and all the blacks who fought through the struggles. 

They place things in our community for us to kill each other . 

We refuse to be broken our black is striving to take back everything that was stolen . We just needed to be awoken to the right knowledge so wake up our black is dieing at a alarming rate you are what you eat so take that chicken off your plate get it. 

Our black was brain wash they want to divide us they want us to think we are all different but they can never separate us from our black peace.

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