Its About Forgiveness

As I was getting ready to write this to you I didnt know all that I would say but as I started writing, I feel like God gave me something for you.
It is about forgiveness, one of the heaviest chains that we as people carry and some of us refuse to break it. If this doesn’t apply then you don’t have to read this any further but if it does, take heed.

People do things to us and they effect us on many levels. There are some hurts that we just won’t let go of. We relive it over and over again because of all the lack of understanding that we have about the situation. We even say things like, “how could they do me like this? I would never do someone I cared about like that.” That is not an unfair statement but there is something that we have to remember, how we deal with life is not the same as everybody else. But that is not even the greatest reason to forgive someone. The greatest reason to forgive someone is because we want to be forgiven. Just think about something that you have done that you’ve asked God to forgive you for, and He did. Now can we do the same for someone else? If God can forgive us then we should be able to do so as well. Just something to think about because none of us are greater than God. But if you think that I’m just saying something, here is a scripture to back it up; Matthew 6:14.
When we stop holding on to things of the past and give them to God, we will be free on the inside and that weight we won’t have to carry anymore.
It took me a long time to forgive because I felt that this person didn’t deserve it. But when I took that mirror and looked into it the reflection that I seen wasn’t them but me and I know that I made someone feel just as bad as that person did to me, yet I knew that I wouldn’t make those same decisions. I had to give someone else the same benefit of the doubt that I gave myself.

Its easy to be harder on someone else for the same acts that we would try to justify ourselves. But true growth starts with self reflection and what that reflection does is allow us to really put someone in our shoes. Just a little something to think about. It is easier to forgive than it is to carry the weight of yesterday; free yourself by letting them go, it is a very rewarding feeling. We will never forget but we will not let it dictate our lives anymore.
Stay encouraged and remember their is no one like you. You were created with purpose on purpose so live like you know it.

Written By: Frank L, Adams #427391

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