Whats Life

Life is what you make it, Life is A Blessing Life is Love, Life Is Pain Life is Being Able to Come Together and Create. Life is Openness. Life is A Gift. Life is Something You Don’t Take For Granted. Life is Seeing the Ones You Love. Happy Life is A Product of What you Think. Life is living your dreams. Life is Planning. Life is Visualization. Life Is Righteousness. Life is Giving. Life is Happiness. Everyday Life Brings You What You Attract. If You Can Think, If You Can Ponder, Then You Have Life. Life Without Love is Death. What’s life when you lose the ones that stand Close.

What’s Life? Its Sacrificing for People You Love most. What’s life? Its A Blessing. What’s Life? Its Everything. The choice We make And the People We are around Will Determine Your Life. The Thoughts You think will Determine Your Destiny. As Coach Albright Use To say, “Control Your own Destiny”. In My Lifetime, Life has Had its Ups and Downs. People came and They Left. But Everything I ask My Self, “What’s Life?” And I reply, “It’s What “You” Make it!

I choose the topic Life because These are The Four Letters That Have Reshaped Me and Transformed My Thinking during the 6years of a being in this Calaboose. My Life Has Changed. My Thoughts Have Changed. The world Has Changed. Everything in the Universe is constantly Changing. Life is Like chess, one bad Move and Its Checkmate.

What’s Life connection? What’s life Openness? What’s Life vulnerability? What’s Life Realness? What’s Life Friendships? What’s Life Being There for The Ones Who are There for You?

Darius (Lewis) #781780


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