A Human Life is Priceless

Name: Ahjamu Kahlifah baruti

Slave Name: Richard lee Carter

Hostage # 178539

Topic: My personal thoughts on the trial of Derek Chauvin; and if I think justice was given to George Floyd?

The guilty verdict in the Derek Chauvin murder trial triggered an out pouring of emotions and a sense of relief among Afrikan (Black people) who watched the trial on their t.v.

This trial was the latest in a disheartening series of police-involved killings of unarmed Afrikan (Black) men and women by white cops that we all feared, like other police-involved killings of unarmed Afrikan (Black) men and women, that Derek Chauvin would be found not guilty and walk free leaving Afrikans (Black People) angry, frustrated and disappointed again.

There was justice given to George Floyd only by holding Derek Chauvin “Accountable” of a deliberated gruesome murder graining every ounce of breath from George Floyd body with his knee on George Floyd’s neck for over nine (9) minutes; but no true justice can be given to George Floyd’s family for the loss of a brother, father, uncle, etc… A human life is priceless!!!

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