Happy Momma Monday!

Song: No Ordinary Love
Artist: Sade

We have forgotten the basic reason for experiencing love…..true love makes every day a glorious day. This love is God, this love is the Truth, this love is Love. Without this experience of love, everything else is in vain…Without this experience, no matter how many philosophies we read, no matter how many spiritual practices we read, there is no attainment…. It is when we experience this all-embracing love, this universal love, that we believe in the perfection of this universe. Total absorption is love. In truth our life’s work is a preparation for the experiencing of true love. When there is total absorption, there is love. And this love brings about life. Vol.3Lsn.7 “In Search of The Self” study course; SiddhaYogaMeditation.

In the strength of words, in the comfort of hugs, in the presence of Momma, love permeates in all directions in a plethora of ways. Inside, we are filled full of possibilities within this vortex. It has become a part of our existence, it has been and is, the source of our love. The more we surrender to love the more we are empowered by it. This is the love that leads us now in the midst of whatever, we live by this love. Still, being better. real/love
Usually this is sent the first of the month. I was inspired to send this early Momma Monday missive by the overflowing love inside of me. I hope that it inspires you to action. real/love

Noble’Ju: Mstr.SheldonRoyceMarch

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