Change Making

Supposed to be-Sheldon March

S u p p o s e T o B e

When you see things through your God eyes, the more beautiful the view, the greater the experience for your mind in seeing the divine design the way it is “suppose to be”. This world has times, life has moments, where circumstances, events and tribulations comprise experiences that test connections and/or consciousness of our divine sight.

Some things appear beyond our understanding at first sight. Some things are so heavy that they pressure our focus into a great concentration. The understanding we do not see appears in just being the experience it is “suppose to be”. That concentrated focus can be misguided by the weight being allowed to rest on a single point instead of balancing with the whole being, as it is “suppose to be”.

As we learn more of things are how they are “suppose to be”, the more we appreciate the purity in each moment. Even when things are in their “suppose to be” present, the perfection in that is so things can be seen exactly how they are. If not for this, what, when, why, and how to do better wouldn’t have a where to begin. The evolution of all things will manifest. This too, is how things are “suppose to be”. How things are is how they are “suppose to be” until changed, evolved, blossomed, grown, manifested, constructed into something else. And then, at that moment it exists, that’s how it is “suppose to be”. To appreciate things as they are is the essential view. It all begins with yourself. You being you, your greatest source of God Energy. So when you look, appreciate the blessing of being and able, to see every experience as it is “suppose to be”.

“High thinking in the most advanced sense implies possessing a mind free of all egoistic complexes. Such a mind becomes a fountain source of sparkling thoughts that nourish all that is wonderful in this world…. Possessing such a highly elevated mind while living a life of utter simplicity has been the ideal of all Saints and Sages. That ideal is there before you to adore, strive towards, and realize.”

Swami Jyotirmayananda: “Essays for Self-Improvement”
Eyes Wide Mind Wise, while Ballin’ thru It All
Sheldon Royce March 

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