Positive Impact – Charles A. Jackson Bey

By: Charles A. Jackson Bey

The question was posed how do I plan to make a positive impact in lives of others this year? And as I contemplated my frame, I reflected in the wilderness on all I have been doing and what I should be doing.

-Which is making sure my seeds have been deeply planted in the minds & hearts of those who are blessed to hear & read my words. Too often do we say things to individuals of substance, not being aware if they actually took in the words that was being buried upon their hearts & minds.

I have learned that one word can be the blessing to change and save a life! just as we know words have the ability to destroy & create problems! so instead I want to ensure I plant seeds that build, saves, & creates! becoming deeply rooted!!! and springs forth life!!! to reach its full potential, in the hearts & minds of many men and women.

But in order to do this I have to make sure they are taking time to water what has been sown or else it would be considered casting my pearls upon swine! allowing my words to fall upon deaf ears! so I will not only continue to plant seeds of wisdom upon the multitude of many individuals but try my best to help them keep water upon those seeds.

Until they are able to see the flowers of life starting to sprout! and can tend to their own garden without the aid of my water. I don’t believe in the saying of: “All I Can Do Is Plant the Seed! It’s Up To Them To Water It!” if that were true then how could plants grow if we never watered them after planting our own seeds in real life landscaping? because it doesn’t rain every day!

After Allah created the earth and brought forth the trees which he planted by the way! just didn’t up and say! someone else got to water what I’ve planted he also brought forth the rain to help nourish those trees in the garden of Eden.

What about being a parent? the loving and caring parents or parent just didn’t have a child and never fed them! they gave them food & water to make sure they grow to be big and strong. Along with planting truth! (seeds) about the do’s & don’t of life by constantly (watering) advising us when we were in error! but often were those seeds deeply planted from our parents or parent and we never grew into our full potential.

It wasn’t until we saw someone else with a beautiful garden of life! that we rediscovered the seeds that was planted in our own garden, in order for us to appreciate what was planted from the very beginning! which were the seeds of truth.

I encourage the readers of this to do the same! not only for yourselves but those you choose to invest in or plant your seeds. Because even though we cannot save the whole world we can save a life! through the concept each one teach one, which is the plant you have to help water.

As we know the famous saying: “United We Stand Divided We Fall” so be mindful we all must Stand For Something! or Else We Will Fall For Anything! so as we put 2020 behind us let’s stop worrying on how far we got to go! but instead look at how far we have come.

So as I make sure I deeply plant my seeds upon you all! I want you to consider this, Adversity is the purifier! as gold is purified of its dross and impurities by fire, so are we purified by the fire of adversities, problems, and difficult conditions.

Allah ordained struggle for mankind, to make our will perfected. All that we go through in life, therefore serves a higher purpose. In every adversity lies a gift! so whenever you are going through a problem or some other difficulty, PAUSE!!! have Faith, and ask yourself: what is the lesson to be learned?

To help you keep water upon the see I’ve planted in your life! feel free to write me through j-pay or mail.

Charles A. Jackson Bey


Thumbs Correctional Facility

3225 John Conley Drive Lapeer,MI 48446


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