Red Dawgs – Long Live Redford Huskies

When was a time I succeeded and I thought I might fail? Good question. There were a few times where I succeeded when I thought, “Naw, it might not work.”

My first time is when I tried out for Redford’s basketball team and I didn’t make the cut. I kept showing up, I kept working hard to show I could make the team, and when the roster came out I made the team! I never thought I would play 4 years of high school basketball with some real special individuals. That was a time where I succeeded because I thought I wasn’t going to make the team.

We had players like Manny Harris and many others who were helluva ball players and I made the cut! What it meant to me is nothing is impossible and I could do whatever my mind is set on. Thoughts are powerful. The moment I would have gave up I wouldn’t have made the team. Being in the program I learned so much about myself and others that I carry with me today.

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